The trip to Globalfoundries not only taught me the process of fabricating semiconductors, but more importantly it has taught me important life lessons such as perseverance. Through case studies such as Mr Vish's vanilla ice cream case study, my friends and I have better understand that engineering is all about commitment, passion and data collection. With these lessons learnt in Globalfoundries, I am confident that I would be able to tackle my future problems much more efficiently.

Tan Jun Yang HCI

Our 3 day experience at Globalfoundries opened our eyes to the many intricate processes in the wafer fabrication, and now I can greater appreciate the computers and other devices that use this chip. After the workshop about creative problem solving, we learnt techniques and gained a deeper understanding on how to deal with the many problems in our daily lives. The talks by the speakers were inspiring and emphasized the importance of following our passion and to never give up.

Daniel Sng HCI

The attachment to GLOBALFOUNDRIES was a truly inspiring one. Not only did it allow me to learn more about engineering itself, it also opened my eyes to many real world problems,and how to solve our future problems realistically. My most important takeaway from the trip was when I went through the creative learning workshop. There, one of our group tasks was a paper-plane folding competition, where the first team to deliver 10 planes of identical size successfully across a certain distance within a limited time would win the competition What I learnt from this experience was that even in such a simple task as to fold paper planes, so many factors had to be considered! While many paper planes with the most complex design could fly very well, it was most important that the simplest design should be used, as the only requirement of the competition was not for the paper plane to fly very far, but for the plane to fly straight, and for it to be easily reproducible, so that the challenge could be completed in the fastest time. Hence, I learnt that in real world situations, the simplest and most reproducible design is the most appreaciated, rather than complex designs, and this is my greatest takeaway from the attachment.

Zexel Lew HCI

The Agar modeling allow me to understand the concepts behind semiconductor. The different components of a semiconductor chip such as the silicon dioxide layer are explain with great insight with the help of the model. This model allowed us to understand semiconductor structure with great precision.

George Ge HCI

Although the three days program was rather short, we at least had some insights about engineering and the life of an engineer. We realized that engineers face many challenges daily and problem solving is a crucial skill that an engineer must have.

Eugene Toh HCI

This three day journey has been enriching and enlightening. Firstly, we understood how wafers were manufactured right from sand to silicon chips. Before that, many of us did not even know that the wafers were actually a very significant part of a computer or electronic gadgets. Secondly, it dawned upon us the importance of teamwork and problem solving during the process of wafer production.

Samuel Tan HCI

I have realized that engineering is a very tedious and challenging job. It takes a lot to become an engineer. However, being an engineer can be very rewarding and fulfilling if one loves to tackle challenges. After hearing from many engineers about their experiences, I have come to realize that passion is very important if one wants to become an engineer. It is their passion and love for problem solving that allowed them to endure all kind setbacks and persevere despite the tough life of an engineer.

Sherwin Tan HCI

Over the course of the program, I found all the activities both informative and enriching, but it was the sharing by one of our seniors that stood out for me. He was able to relate to us well, and humorously spoke about his experiences at his work place and in school. I learnt that once you find a sense of direction and purpose in what you do, whatever the difficulties that we face can be overcome, and the journey becomes much easier.

Zhu Zihao HCI

Our learning journey with Globalfoundries has been a deeply meaningful one. I now know the works and challenges those engineers face almost on daily basis. Working in such a industry requires a lot of problem solving. This motivates me to pursue a future career under engineering because I want to make things happen, make things work.

Pu Chenfeng HCI