Day 1 (16 November 2012, Friday)

We arrived at GLOBAL FOUNDRIES early, at around 8.20am on day 1 of the attachment, 16th November 2012. After we had settled down and completed all the necessary admin arrangements such as the distribution of our passes, we were treated to an unexpected and sumptuous breakfast. We were provided with an almost never ending supply of food, provided with at least 4 meals a day during our visit there. The warm hospitality GLOBAL FOUNDRIES served us with was not only limited to the meals, but also through the countless engaging and equally inspiring talks and heart to heart sharings by the various engineers and staff there. Their patience with us, school kids and full amateur to semi-conductors, was never exhausting and through that, our knowledge in this field was increased by leaps and bounds during our attachment there!
The first speaker who addressed us was Vish Srinivasan, a senior management from GLOBAL FOUNDRIES. Accompanied with a very charismatic accent and an analogy, he spoke with deep passion for the importance of problem solving in the engineering field. He illustrated to us that no matter unbelievable or unsolvable a problem may seem, with the right attitude and the heart to really serve our customers, everything will emerge well. The car in the story was really allergic to vanilla ice cream.
We were later given an introduction to global foundries, and a brief history of it. “If you want to expand your company quickly, buy another company.” We were introduced to how GLOBAL FOUNDRIES expanded extremely, by buying over companies such as Chartered Semiconductors and ATIC and AMD, expanding their manufacturing capacity as well as employee volume.
Subjected to very hazardous environments, filled with toxic, corrosive chemicals, solvents and oxidizers, GLOBAL FOUNDRIES had implemented very extensive and comprehensive safety standards for its employees to ensure their safety. We were taught the main outline of safety control, following the three step approach of identification, evaluation and control, any problem could be solved. We were also introduced to control methods, namely elimination, substitution, engineering control, administration control, as well as personal equipment, all of which have an integral part to play in ensuring the maximum safety of workers.
The next speaker was Sanjay Kumnar, the manager of the Advance Process Control department. His tone, body posture and even the content and technical terms he used in his presentation, all gave him the look of a real, typical engineer. Stuttering a little and speaking in a soft but careful voice, Mr Kumar emphasized the ideology that good is never good enough and that we must always strive to stay relevant and passionate in whatever we do. He taught his key principles he held to as a manager and as an engineer.
The highlight of the day, a campus tour and a tour of the clean room was next. Covered from head to toe in a full body soot, we followed Mr Kumar into the fabrication plant where is it said to be a few hundred times cleaner than a operation theatre. The dust particles per cubic meter was countable, and even the concentration of various elements in the air was controlled. We really got to learn a lot from the trip to the clean room, even getting a chance to see plasma, the forth state of matter. The mustiness and staleness of the air, the clogged sweat pores from latex powder and the extremely tiring procedure of suiting and unsuiting every time one enters of leaves the clean room, really gives the engineers working there something to be admired about. Not to mention, their superb skills and set of knowledge required to maintain this high end room, filled with new technology.

Day 2 (19 November 2012, Monday)

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Day 3 (20 November 2012, Tuesday)

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